Earth Day! 🌱✨

For Earth Day I decided to go hiking! I wanted to enjoy our Earth and it’s infinite beauty my taking a fraction of my time to see it. Anyways with all of that sappiness behind Heres me on a tree! (Jus vibin) It was a really nice hike, it was a little intense in some […]

Stained Violets (Warriors Violetshine Fanart)

Violetshine has always been a very interesting character to me. She was a relatable, emotional cat during Vision of Shadows, but then The Broken Code rolled around and her personality was stripped away and she had kits. The Erins have always had a bad habit of doing this to Shecats. They often have kits and […]

Quality Comments

Quality comments can take time, after all you want it to look nice! No one wants a low effort commenting showing on there blog. I will be providing a tutorial on how to leave a quality comment. Step One Say hi and give a compliment! This is a nice opener and will make the reader […]

ATTENTION // Original Art

“I don’t smile for the camera” I made this drawing as an assignment for Art Class :). We were supposed to draw as we listened to music so I listened to “ATTENTION” by Joji and made this! If you listen to the song you’ll probably be able to understand the drawing a bit more. “I […]

Masked Savagery////// Chapter 6 (Short Chapter)

      Reflex. Everyone’s born with reflexes, whether it be fight or flight, or even freeze. Tyto, in that rushing moment of frozen panic, chose fight. Tyto ducked, trance broken, swiftly dodging the daggers lethal touch. Clarice glared, but remained silent, the quiet air around them seemed deafening. She thrashed her sword, eyes dull […]

Masked Savagery///// Chapter 5

The world can be a cruel place, an endless cycle of betrayal beating down on you till your numb. Tyto convulsed, pain spreading to every muscle in his body.  “Bertram!” He gasped, memories flooding into his head like a tsunami. Nothing was as it seemed, Bertram’s betrayal stacked on top of Ethan’s sent Tyto’s mind […]

Pink Lakes!

I want you to close your eyes. Now picture a lake. You probably imagine a bright blue body of water (or something similar). What if I told you that there was a lake in Australia that was brilliant pink? Now your probably looking at me weird, but I can assure you it exists! The reason […]

About Me + Avatar !!

(Avatar! So my avatar represents me in many ways like the hair, glasses, and entire vibe! I definitely think I’ve changed since last year. I made the avatar using Picrew but technically I didn’t make it I just used Picrew. Hello and welcome to my blog!! So this is my second time around in the […]