Why Minecraft and Fortnite Shouldn’t be Compared

Ah yes, the age-old debate “Is Minecraft Better than Fortnite” and vise Versa… Little did all those people know it’s neither. These games are completely different genres, one of them is a Battle Royale, while the other is more of a sandbox game. Both of these games are very different, but some will argue that Minecraft Hunger Games is the reason the two should be compared, but Minecraft Hunger Games is only a very small part of Minecraft.

The true reason the two games are being compared is because of popularity. One game was on the top and the other rose up, in the end, Minecraft remained more popular. As one person said “Is Pokemon better than Monopoly? You’re trying to compare the incomparable.” The games differ greatly among each other, rendering them impossible to compare. If you would rather play a more sandbox-like game, play Minecraft if you would like to play a more Battle Royale type of game, play Fortnite. I personally would rather spend my time mining and annoying innocent Villagers rather than playing Fortnite but that doesn’t mean I think Minecraft is better than Fortnite.

Do you think these two games should be compared? Comment your opinion.

3 thoughts on “Why Minecraft and Fortnite Shouldn’t be Compared

  1. I do think these two games should be compared. My personal opinion, is that Minecraft is better because I think Fortnite is dumb. That’s just my opinion and I know others will differ about it. Anyways, that’s my opinion on this debate.


  2. I agree with you. Two completely different games shouldn’t be compared. There are aspects to Fortnite that are similar to Minecraft. Like the creative mode or the sandbox mode. I’m not sure exactly what they’re called, but they are somewhat close. However, these modes in Fortnite are more for playing private games and making maps. Personally, I think Minecraft is better since you’re able to do many different things with it, rather than a few certain things.

    1. I personally prefer Minecraft because there are much more options for things to do. With Fortnite there is a limited range of activities but still okay gameplay. Thank you for sharing your opinion 😀

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